Vermont Clothespins Co.

The ONLY clothespin made in the USA.

ClothespinsThese clothespins are a piece of history. Both the springs and the wooden arms are made on the original spring winding and woodcutting machines that were designed and built right here in Vermont over 100 years ago. The machines have been making clothespin parts since the early 1900s.The wood is Vermont Maple and American Beech. Springs are brass plated for extra durability. 

Traditionally, the wooden arms were sorted and selected for purity of whiteness. Here at the Vermont Clothespin Co., we have decided instead to allow the uniqueness of the wood grain to be represented in the clothespins. You will find that each of your clothespins has a unique character dependent on the wood type and grain.

Each clothespin is assembled by hand and tested right here in Vermont. Packaging is 100% compostable packaging.

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